Empower youth through various interactive programs, to identify healthy practices to promote positive thinking, social skills, health, community/family involvement and a vital asset to society.


Improve the mental processes of youth in efforts to improve our communities’ social, professional, educational and health/athletic goals
Community 50/50, Inc. strives to broaden the horizons of children and youth by exposing them to varying cultural, educational and social perspectives, events and activities.

What is community 50/50?

Community 50/50, Inc. is a mentoring program geared toward the betterment of youth/families in the Richmond area and surrounding localities. Our programs service youth ages 5-17 and their families. The lack of organized youth activities in urban neighborhoods, and the rise of single-parent families and families with two working parents have all reduced the number of positive adult role models. Today, twenty-five percent of children live with a single parent, and over one-half of children will live with only one parent before they are eighteen years old (Tierney, Grossman and Research NL*). Our program was created to provide these role models and help children develop socially, emotionally, physically and mentally. Our mentor’s help youth learn to understand and communicate their feelings, to relate to their peers, and to develop respectable and appropriate relationships with other youth and adults.